Urban Pacifier – modern solutions for today’s parenting challenges

Urban Pacifier is the reference I wish I had when I was pregnant and in the moments when I have questions about all things baby. I am not sure why nobody ever tells you what to expect during childbirth and the first few months…it’s like baby fight club.

It may be because we are all so sleep deprived that we don’t remember, or we block things out; either way I have decided to compile the information I needed during those first few months that I was so hungry for, and could never find.

Rather than just getting frustrated by the lack of information available, I have been writing all of my challenges down and compiling them over time…please use it as advice, not a guide… I hope to fill the pages of this site with the advice of others too – not just my own.

The old adage ‘it takes a village’ is still true, only we no longer have a village. Many of us live away from our family members and can feel isolated or desperate for information in the middle of the night. I hope this site helps ease your journey.

You are in for the most wonderful, exhausting, life-altering experience. The experience of giving birth and caring for a newborn is very fresh in my mind, so I may have more advice than most…but with all the advice you receive remember this: You are the parents, you know your baby better than anyone else, and everything you hear is advice that worked for other parents. It may not be right for you! Best of luck and much love, Candice

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One Response to Urban Pacifier – modern solutions for today’s parenting challenges

  1. michelle says:

    Excellent! Looking forward to reading/contributing.

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