urban pacifier – not all baby bibs are created equal


Baby bibs are like dish towels: Parents sift through the pile of clean bibs for their favorite bib, the best bib, the one that covers, catches and absorbs the best—because not all bibs are created equal.

Most parents have a drawer full of bibs they received as gifts from others. These bibs have cute colors or a novelty phrase on it – but rarely do the gift givers consider whether or not it will actually be useful.

I too have the bib drawer, only I have carefully picked out all of the poorly shaped, velcro fastening or scratchy textured bibs and sent them to my son’s daycare, and then I went out on a search for bibs that actually do what they’re supposed to: cover your child so they aren’t covered in drool/food.

During my journey this is what I found:

  • Velcro vs. snaps – Velcro is good in theory but it has more downsides than up. Kids can pull the Velcro bib off easier. If you forget to connect the Velcro in the laundry it sticks to other clothes and you ruin outfits trying to remove it. Over time it collects lint, hair, dried food and other unwanted items and it begins to curl over time from the heat of the clothes dryer. Snaps, on the other hand, are clean and secure and often allow for various sizing options on a well-made bib.
  • Length – most bibs are much too short, if you plan of feeding your baby in the outfit they are wearing for the day. Most of the time you will have to change the outfit after the meal because of a bib failure.
  • Material – bibs should be soft. Parents often use the bib at the end of a meal to wipe their child’s face. If a bib has a rough texture, screen printing or embroidery on it, you run the risk of scratching you child’s face, or just making him/her cry.

After much searching I found 3 bibs that exceed all other bibs… here they are in no particular order.


Dribble  – burpy bib® by Aden & Anais – the combination burp cloth/bib will grow with your child. When they are first-born it works as a burp cloth and when you child starts solids is doubles as a bib. This makes it great to throw in a diaper bag – one less thing to pack and it has the most coverage of all of the bibs on the market. It even covers your baby’s shoulders (if yours is a head turner like mine is during meal time, this has saved me from many outfit changes). And lastly, like all of Aden & Anais products, they get better and softer with age.


Nibble – Snap Bibs by Aden & Anais – if you are looking for a bib that is smaller than the Dribble, this is it. Its snaps in the front, making it easy to get the bib on and off of your child. Although it costs a bit more than the small Velcro bibs, they are worth it. Between this and the Dribble you don’t need much else.


The Soft Bib by Baby Bjorn – once your baby is starting to feed themselves this bib will save your floor and your back. With the pocket that catches food at the bottom of the bib, your baby gets a second (or third) chance at getting the food morsel in their mouth and you have less to clean up – just rinse in the sink and you are good to go.

So… If you’re baby isn’t born yet and you’re filling out a registry, maybe this will be one less thing where you’re not saying to yourself, “What difference does it make?” If you have a child and a similar bib-overload, hopefully this makes your life a little easier.

And… if you’re a grandma/grandpa, a godmother/godfather, an aunt, uncle, friend, or any other potential gift-giving acquaintance… think soft, think snaps… or think books!

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