urban pacifier – there’s a better app for that

From the day your child is born you are counting things, wet diapers, soiled diapers, time spent nursing, which side you last nursed on, how many ounces your child drank, when they last slept, how long they slept, what solids they ate…it goes on and on.

Until a few years ago parents and caretakers kept written logs of this type of information to share with their doctors and spouses, now we use our smartphones.

Since the birth of my son I have been through 5+ mobile applications, and thanks to some friends I was introduced to THE baby app that put all other mobile apps to shame. Don’t get me wrong, the other apps were good, they got me this far, but if the point of an app is convenience and consistency, than this is it.

baby connect

The app is called Baby Connect, why is it superior to all other apps? Outside of it costing $4.99 while the other apps I used were free, Baby Connect allows for multiple users it is available on iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Android devices, or with a browser by logging to www.baby-connect.com. I no longer have to ask my husband or the babysitter to update me on how much my son ate/slept etc. during the day and then spend time filling in my application because they each have access to update the app on their own. The app syncs in real time so any user can check their smartphone/tablet at anytime to see what is going on with their child without having to call home. This may be the best $5 I have spent in a long time.

When reviewing the apps I used prior to Baby Connect, there is still one I would probably use again in conjunction with Baby Connect, iBaby Feed Timer. This is a nursing/feeding app that is quick and easy to use and has an alarm that will wake you up to feed or remind you to feed when you are keeping a tight schedule the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Here are the other baby apps that I have tried:

total baby

Total Baby – ($4.99) this app is great for a single user who only needs to track a few categories, this was my go-to before I found Baby Connect. Here is an online comparison of the two apps side by side.

WTE baby

What to Expect Baby Tracker – this free app is slow to load and cumbersome to use, there are too many ads and unnecessary information.


Labor and Contraction Timer – gone are the days of the stopwatch, this free app was great for labor, and I would use it again.

wte preg

What to Expect Pregnancy – this free app is basically the What to Expect book in a free app. I am not sure how the authors make any money on the book when the app allows you to get an update of your babies progress daily – you don’t need any more than this, you should be reading sleep books!


Baby Center, My pregnancy Today – this free app is a mediocre version of the What to Expect Pregnancy app and is a waste of time, all of the data seems to be off by at least a week.

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