urban pacifier – hook-on high chairs: for small spaces and traveling with your child

If you live in a small space like I do, getting a stand-alone high chair isn’t an option. We went on the search for a hook-on high chair, which are great for small spaces. Many parents prefer hook-on high chairs because they are portable, aren’t bulky-looking, avoid germs from restaurant high chairs, and they bring your little one to the table with the rest of the family. Unfortunately, there are not many good options for hook-ons in the U.S. Here, then, are urban pacifier’s picks for best hook-on high chairs, should you be in the market for one.


1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair ($50)
 This chair is easy to clean and has a very supportive frame and seat cushion. It also works with most table types. Due to the “u” shape design of the hooks, it works on tables with and without table skirts, making it our #1 pick. (Carry bag is built into the chair)


2. Phil and Ted’s Lobster ($80) This chair works great starting at a young age because it has a high back and shoulder straps with a 5 –point harness that will keep your child upright. This chair comes with a separate tray and carry bag, and the design lends itself to hooking ringed toys to the arms its so the toys don’t fall on the floor. Note: If not attached properly, your little one can pull the tray off.


3. Chicco 360 Degree Rotating Hook On Chair – ($75) This chair rotates to 4 different angles, allowing you to face your baby into the table or to the side, which is good for feeding. One drawback of this chair is that it needs about 12″ of distance on the underside of the tabletop in order to correctly fasten the chair arms (this is deeper than most island countertops). This chair works best when affixed to a standard dining table, and is made of fabric, making it difficult to clean.


4. Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair ($25) This less expensive option is similar to the Inglesina Fast Chair in design but has less body support and can’t hook to deeper table skirts. If you only need the chair occasionally, this is a good, less expensive option.

Note: It is important to shop around for these chairs. There are typically great deals on Amazon.com  where you can get the chairs at a discounted price.

Do you know of a hook-on high chair that we missed? Let us know in the comments so we can make sure we are providing you with the best information possible.

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