bath & skincare

Bath Tubs


Puj Tub

This tub did not work for me or most of my friends who had larger babies. My son prefers a tub that has water in it. I think he didn’t care for this tub because he was cold the entire time he was in it.  However, I have a few friends who had preemies or children that were not fond of water and this tub was perfect for them. They used the tub for the first few months. It is lightweight, easy to store and clean and fits in most bathroom sinks (which is really nice because as a new parent you spend most of your time bending over, which can be very hard on your back)


Fisher Price Bath Tubs

After the Puj tub failure in my house we purchase the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders tub. This is one of many similar tubs in their line. (There is also the Whale of a Tub and the Music Tub) The tubs come with an infant sling and when the sling is not in use the tub as a stopper under the child’s seat that keeps them from sliding into the tub. The tub is also equipped with a built-in thermometer. If I had to do this all over again I would have started with this tub. My son loves bath time, thanks to this tub we enjoy singing and splashing daily. This tub goes from Newborn to toddler.

Bath Accessories

SKIP HOP really understands bath time after much trial and error we have a few favorite items from skip hop for bath time:


Stackable duck toys that float and pour


Moby bath kneeler


My son had eczema from his food allergies and once we cleared that up winter hit so we had a lot of trial and error to overcome his dry skin. After trying multiple  baby washes and lotions we have a few favorites:


Wash: Aveeno baby cleansing therapy. This baby wash is a non-soap cleanser that hydrates the skin and creates a moisture barrier, rather than drying the skin. We found the Johnson’s natural baby wash made his skin dry. The Aveeno wash can be used on a wash cloth or run under the water when filling the tub to create an ‘oatmeal’ bath for extra moisturizing skin treatments.


Lotion: After buying at least 6 lotions and spending copious amounts of time on the internet trying to find a moisturizer that actually work a friends told me to try Cetaphil lotion.  It is easily-absorbed and is for anyone three months of age and older with eczema prone skin. It’s so wonderful I have started to use it myself!



We are stilling looking to see if there is something better out there but right now we are sticking with the classic, No more tears, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

Diaper rash


A nurse in the hospital told us “it’s easier to prevent diaper rash than it is to get rid of it” and they she told us to use A&D ointment at every diaper change, and it works! We are lucky to heave learned this from day one because we have had many friends fighting diaper rash, which we hear is not fun. If you do get diaper rash, my brother and his wife swear by Butt Paste



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