urban pacifiers “favorite” bibs


Dribble  – burpy bib® by Aden & Anais – the combination burp cloth/bib will grow with your child. When they are first-born it works as a burp cloth and when you child starts solids is doubles as a bib. This makes it great to throw in a diaper bag – one less thing to pack and it has the most coverage of all of the bibs on the market. It even covers your baby’s shoulders (if yours is a head turner like mine is during meal time, this has saved me from many outfit changes). And lastly, like all of Aden & Anais products, they get better and softer with age.


Nibble – Snap Bibs by Aden & Anais – if you are looking for a bib that is smaller than the Dribble, this is it. Its snaps in the front, making it easy to get the bib on and off of your child. Although it costs a bit more than the small Velcro bibs, they are worth it. Between this and the Dribble you don’t need much else.


The Soft Bib by Baby Bjorn – once your baby is starting to feed themselves this bib will save your floor and your back. With the pocket that catches food at the bottom of the bib, your baby gets a second (or third) chance at getting the food morsel in their mouth and you have less to clean up – just rinse in the sink and you are good to go.


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  1. Very, very….very true indeed. Bibs have been around practically FOREVER! In fact, it’s a mystery as to exactly who invented baby bibs. Amazingly, baby bibs are pretty much remained the same throughout history. Only recently, lets say the last 5 years, has there been progress in making a better bib. There were modifications of material, but the BIG HIT was the pocket bib. JUST this year, there seems to be another revolution in baby bibs, namely the EZ bib. It’s not yet in stores, but it’s interesting to see what parents will think. Great article!

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