Introducing a bottle



Introducing a bottle:

This was a big topic in all of my moms groups. Most bottles come with level 1 nipples (all level one nipples have a different flow – it varies by brand) – for young babies these nipples are often too fast and don’t mimic breast-feeding. To get past this we found a couple of options:

  1. The best option we found was to buy the Playtex Nursers (CVS and Target have them) with the drop-in liners. The flow is perfect for most babies and the clean up is simple for a sleep deprived new Mom/Dad.
  2. If you are using Dr. Browns there is a preemie nipple that works (even though your babies are not preemies)
  3. Avent also makes a good slow flow bottle – you often get a free one from BuyBuyBaby or Pea in the Pod – don’t throw it away like I did…they are worth keeping.

The Difference between Wide Neck and Standard Bottles

Wide neck and standard bottles function exactly the same as far as the venting system goes. However, it has been noted that many babies who are being transitioned from breast to bottle tend to do better using the wide neck bottle due to its unique nipple shape – it is more like moms breast. This was the case for my son who suffered from acid reflux (GERD) so he started on a bottle earlier than most. The wide neck bottles, (specifically the nipple) can prevent the “nipple confusion” that babies often experience.

The truth is, some babies transition from breast to any bottle without issue and other babies who are not breastfed at all just prefer the wide neck.


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