This is one of the most difficult things you will do, ever. Remember both you and your baby are learning how to do this at the same time. It will be frustrating. I cried more than I like to admit. You won’t know if they are eating enough or if they are doing it right. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most pediatricians have lactation consultants available at their offices. Also if you are in the Boston area Isis offers free breastfeeding drop-in classes where you can get a lot of help and guidance.

Here is a description from the Isis Website:

  • This FREE drop-in group is staffed by one of our Board Certified Lactation Consultants to answer your breastfeeding questions. Enjoy the camaraderie and peer support and as well as expert suggestions from our Lactation Consultant.
    • Come each week as a baby-friendly social outing or to practice nursing in different situations.
    • Come once in a while when you have specific questions or are seeking suggestions.
    • An infant scale is available for following your baby’s growth.
    • This drop-in breastfeeding group is not a substitute for an individual lactation consultation. No hands-on care or assessment can be provided in this setting.
    • Common topics include increasing milk supply, managing over-supply or over-active let-down, selecting a pump, expressing and storing breast milk, preparing to return to work.
    • We can also discuss and practice positions for nursing in public or nursing lying down, and identifying normal feeding and sleeping patterns.

Most importantly remember that breastfeeding is a choice. There is a lot of pressure to do it and it may not work for you and/or your baby. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad – there is formula for a reason and you need to so what is best for you and your baby – no two babies needs are the same.

My son was born with a milk protein allergy. This allergy can often be confused as a baby with bad gas or acid reflux. Most pediatricians will tell you that “all new babies are gassy” and send you on your way. If you suspect your child has a milk protein allergy please look at the page about milk protein allergies – I wish I had this resources during our many long nights when our son was first-born.

Other resources:

La Leche League


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