before the baby arrives

  • Stock up on frozen food – either meals you make yourself and freeze or from the store. (FYI Trader Joe’s has amazing frozen food that actually tastes good!)
  • Go on a date. Dates will be hard to come by once the baby arrives. Enjoy being a party of 2. Go someplace that you love that isn’t very baby-friendly, it may be a while before you return.
  • Get a manicure and pedicure. Enjoy letting somebody else rub your feet and they (your feet) will look good during labor.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t think you are ready, nothing prepares you for the changes a baby brings, just go with it.
  • Check your health insurance to see if your breast pump is covered. If it is they will write you an Rx for one in the hospital and give it to you for free, which will save you a few hundred dollars. Also, once you buy a pump you can’t return it, so its best to check before you get your pump.
  • Make sure you have size 1 diapers – most babies don’t fit in newborn size diapers so only buy one pack. If you get some as a gift, only open a small package and use the diapers as you need them – BuyBuyBaby lets you return unopened packages of diapers (brands they carry) for store credit.
  • Make sure you have batteries for all of your gear
  • Get a glass nail file – it will allow you to file the baby’s nails without roughing up their skin.
  • Watch “The Happiest Baby on the Block”. We saw it on DVD, it may be available online…it was filmed in the 80’s which makes it funny but the content is both relevant and helpful.
  • There are iPhone apps that help you log feeding, sleeping, wet and dirty diapers. We’ve used a few and found that Baby Connect is the best. Second best is the Total Baby, but it only allows for a single user/device.
  • Read sleep books – when you need the knowledge you will be too tired to read – we have found “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” to be the best so far.

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