going to the hospital

  • Pack nursing tanks, people come to the hospital and it will be the most comfortable for you and your visitors. Target has a good selection of inexpensive tanks – if you want lined tanks for a little more money A Pea in the Pod or Motherhood Maternity have good options.
  • Bring your boppy…you may want this for nursing or you may want to sit on it (don’t ask)
  • A few TMI items…here is the list of things to have with you that you may want to have that nobody tells you about. Tucks pads, stool softeners, thin extra long maxi pads, preparation H and nipple cream. Put the tucks pads in the refrigerator in your room, it helps (this was a tip from my nurse and it was really nice). You may wonder why you want these things – don’t ask, just go with it. You will learn soon enough.
  • Pack lip balm

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