the first weeks home


  • A&D ointment…use it during every diaper change and it prevents diaper rash from showing up – its better to prevent it rather than to have to treat it
  • Exercise ball – this will be your secret weapon, we learned this a bit late but we are still happy to have this tool in our arsenal. Sitting on the ball and bouncing with the baby will stop the crying a put them to sleep every time. You can also put the car seat/bassinet on the ball and bounce the baby to sleep in the car seat/bassinet.
  • Zippers – the more outfits you have with zippers the happier you will be, especially husbands. They are the easiest to dress the baby, especially in the middle of the night.
  • Set at least one hour a week aside for Mom, if not you may get a little crazy.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps if possible – this didn’t work for us but I wish it did.
  • Stretch. You find you are looking down more than you think and your neck and shoulders will pay the price.
  • Join a mommy and me class… you need out of the house and the support of other women going through the same things.
  • Sign up for grocery delivery. It will save time and stress.
  • Make sure you have a place to put the baby in all of the rooms your frequent.
  • Get a baby carrier – when you are out of the house you may need to switch back and forth between the baby carrier and the stroller/car seat.
  • Keep your reference books close.
  • If you’re not already addicted to caffeine, I highly recommend seriously considering it. Coffee machine, travel mugs and the like have been our saviors.

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